3 cryptos under $1 investors can consider

Investors with low crypto allocations could feel the consequences of staying on the sidelines. Once Bitcoin (BTC) surpasses $40,000, it transitions from the current pre-bull market to a full-fledged bull market, attracting retail investors. Small caps, particularly coins trading under a dollar, may post huge gains. 

Galaxy Fox: leading meme coins? 

Investors seeking high-potential tokens can consider Galaxy Fox for their portfolios. The play-to-earn (P2E) platform features a runner game and rewards top-ranked players each season. However, Galaxy Fox’s strength lies in its ecosystem.

Investors can earn stake GFOX in the Stargate module and receive rewards. Unlike most altcoins that issue new tokens to stakers, Galaxy Fox utilizes buy-and-sell taxes to fund these rewards.

Astute investors recognize that this lack of inflation, combined with most tokens being released at the TGE, can support prices in the long term. The presale offers may offer entries for buyers since its crowdfunding structure features staggered price increases.

GFOX burning mechanism further enhances value for ecosystem participants. This deflationary pressure can propel GFOX into the top 100 projects over time.

In the NFT marketplace, users can trade items, and holding these on-chain assets can boost in-game stats, increasing the chances of winning the prize pool. The protocol also includes real-world merchandise, and its revenue is allocated to the Treasury. This revenue is then used to support further growth initiatives within the ecosystem.

Rollbit and gambling

Rollbit combines gambling and crypto futures trading. 

It offers opportunities for gamblers to bet on sports events and typical casino games. 

The platform has a weekly on-chain token burn, using some of its generated revenue to buy back and burn RLB from the open market. 

This approach to deflationary tokenomics could explain why investors appear keen on RLB and GFOX, with some considering buying them in the pre-bull market phase.

Bonk memecoin on Solana 

Bonk is Solana’s first successful memecoin launch. 

As more Solana (SOL) holders take profits and look to take on more risk, BONK has been performing well. 

Bonk was created to recapitalize the Solana ecosystem and has quickly gained over $200 million market cap. 

While it faces competition from protocols like Galaxy Fox, some analysts believe this new generation of memecoins might replace leaders like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

Closing thoughts: altcoin season inbound

Investors are advised to consider six-figure price predictions for BTC.

With traditional finance (TradFi) increasingly embracing crypto, seizing opportunities may be prudent.

Exploring small caps, such as GFOX, can be a viable option to optimize returns and even leverage the upcoming altcoin season.

The Galaxy Fox presale is open to interested investors.

Learn more about GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox presale | Join the Community

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