'A Black Thing': Fani Willis's Father Explains Why Daughter Keeps Cash

Of course, to make the GOP sideshow complete, they brought the father of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis onto the stand. And he’s quite a guy. John Clifford Floyd III is also an attorney and a former Black Panther. That’s quite a resume, huh? Republicans are making a stink out of Fani Willis keeping cash on hand. It’s a lesson her father taught her, so they brought him in.

And the leader of the GOP, a rapist facing 91 felonies, questioned DA Willis’s use of cash this morning on Truth Social.

Does anybody really believe that Fani Willis paid cash to her “lover” whenever they took expensive” trips” together. Really? Where did she get the CASH? Pretty weak questioning yesterday!!! I guess they don’t want to insult her. No way she can explain any of this corruption away!!!

Is anyone surprised that a serial bankruptcy filer is in disbelief that Willis has cash? Well, Mr. Willis backed up his daughter’s remarks.

“Excuse me, and Your Honor, I’m not trying to be racist,” he said, “but it’s a Black thing, OK?”

“You know I was trained, and most Black folks they hide cash or they keep cash,” he explained, adding that “You always keep some cash because I’ve been places and just because of the color of my skin, for example. I took a fellowship at Harvard when my daughter was just, uh, if I might your honor.” He explained that his daughter “was just, you know, maybe three years old, and I remember going to a restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I had an American Express credit card, and maybe a Visa or whatever, and I had a lot of what they call Travelers Checks.”

“I don’t even know if they still have Travelers Checks,” he said, adding that “for whatever reasons the man would not take my American Express credit card, so I pulled out my Visa card, and he wouldn’t take my Visa card so then I pulled out my Travelers Checks. He said, we don’t take checks.”

Mr. Willis said that Traveler’s Checks were as good as cash.

“I had a $10 bill,” he continued. “I’ll never forget this as long as I live,” and he said that he had to pay in cash.

“I’ve told my daughter, you keep six months’ worth of cash, always,” he said, adding, “I had three safes in my house. I put some of my clients’ stuff there, too.”

“I gave my daughter her first cash box and told her to always keep some cash,” he added.

It might be a daughter thing, too, because my Mom always taught me to carry cash when I go out on a date. He’s a good father. That’s why conservatives are outraged. In contrast, Trump apparently taught his daughter how to grift. I’d rather hear an explanation of why Vanky and Jared made off with $2 billion from the Saudis after exiting the White House, than about Willis’s use of cash.

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