A West Wing Episode Illustrates How Much Trump Hates America

What does the late Matthew Perry have to do with Donald Trump’s refusal to sign a loyalty oath that’s been a tradition for candidates wishing to be on the Illinois presidential ballot? A pledge not to “overthrow the government.”

In this at times hilarious, tear-jerking and harrowing video, Cliff Schecter reminds not of the Matthew Perry you’re thinking of, from “Friends,” (ok, he includes a bit of that too, for fun), but the character arc of his as a guest star on “The West Wing” two decades ago. Perry’s character, Joe Quincy, is a Republican who has been banished from his party and is looking to serve in the Democratic White House of President Bartlett.

But the interesting part comes when he won’t sign a document, a pledge, and how it directly contrasts Perry’s character with indicted pig (and new winner of an $83.3 million judgment for repeatedly defaming E. Jean Carroll) Donald Trump. It was a terrific performance, and if you’re a fan of the late actor, a bittersweet one worth revisiting. Watch the video! And be sure to subscribe to Cliff’s channel for more content like this.

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