Addled Trump Confuses Biden With Obama Again At Virginia Rally

How many times does this guy have to do this before the right-wing media quits allowing him to pretend it’s just a joke? Trump was in Richmond Virginia for a “Get Out the Vote” rally, and once again confused Joe Biden with Barack Obama.

TRUMP: Get that war settled. It’s a bad war. And Putin, you know, has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the “nuclear” word today. You heard that. Nuclear. He’s starting to talk nuclear weapons, today.

As we’ve discussed here, this isn’t the first time he’s done this. He told a crowd he beat Obama back in September, and said he was beating Obama in the polls at a rally in February. Trump has also confused Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley.

h/t Acyn who flagged this latest senior moment on Xitter:

Here are some of the responses to Super Genius:

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