Alda Ly Architecture activates the perimeter for HBF’s ever-changing showroom and office

Far from the cold, corporate workspaces that line New York’s Fifth Avenue, the Manhattan showroom for furniture and textile company HBF is warm and welcoming. Newly reimagined by New York–based firm Alda Ly Architecture (ALA) in collaboration with HBF and Travis Clifton from T Clifton Design, the modern space is defined by a calm, neutral palette, soft corners and rounded soffits, as well as a cove ceiling.

Part events space, part office, and part gallery, the showroom juggles various programs. Key to this is a central, open-concept lounge: Beautifully daylit via skylight, it’s complete with decorative columns that recall palm courts of yore. ALA began with this room as inspiration for the overall space. Tania Chau, ALA’s director of design, describes it as “an oasis in the city.” To maximize the impact of the skylight, they compressed the foyer, making it minimal and sparse for greater dramatic effect when rounding the corner.


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