Alex Jones: ‘I’m Not Adolf Hitler But…’

If someone tells you that they’re not Adolf Hitler, it’s a safe bet there won’t be a whole lot of daylight between their rhetoric.

Sure enough, that’s what happened when Alex Jones gratuitously denied being Adolf Hitler in the middle of a rant that could have come straight from der Führer if he were around for today’s MAGA politics.

“Western civilization is under attack,” Jones said. “White people are under attack.”

Without a trace of irony, he added, “I love everybody.”

Sure you do. Just tell that to the Sandy Hook families you continue to rip off, after causing them unfathomable suffering.

“I’m not Adolf Hitler,” Jones said next, “but when the left mobilizes the 93% of the world that’s not white, to then say white people are bad and we have 20-1 Black-on-white crime in the big cities. 10-1 in the rural areas…”

He didn’t finish that sentence. But we know it was not a “love everybody” kind of thought, though. He continued, saying, “It’s not the majority of black folks, but it’s a very active minority that’s attacking us. And the FBI and the ADL fight like the devil to cover that up. It needs to be repudiated. If we had 20-1 white on Black crime, they’d be against it.”

This guy has made millions stoking fears and hate. Now he’s pretending to be oppressed by Blacks. I’ll bet Hitler would approve.

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