Alina Habba Not Taking Trump’s Huge E. Jean Carroll Loss Well

It feels like the whole world has been laughing at what a terrible job Habba has done representing Trump. Today, after losing more than $83 million for her client, Habba didn’t talk about why she thought the award was excessive nor whether there might be grounds for appeal. No, the possibly-worst presidential lawyer ever began whining about how the whole case was “election interference.”

Never mind that it was a jury that decided Trump should pay E. Jean Carroll that amount.

Claiming she had not previously spoken about the trial “because I respect my ethics while I’m on trial,” Habba argued that the cases against Trump are because he “is leading in the polls.” Never mind that E. Jean Carroll sued Trump for defamation in 2019, while he was still in the White House.

“What I’m having second thoughts about is the license that I stand here with, that the people in there are supposed to have,” Habba whined. “Before I walked into court, that judge decided that every single defense President Trump had, we were not allowed to raise in front of the jury,” Habba dubiously claimed. Apparently, that includes “my witness who was her friend, who said that she is a drug addict and the drug addict is herself.”

I have never heard a legal professional sound so amateurish and I worked for more than a decade as a paralegal. But that is also a complete mischaracterization of what the witness said. The witness, who testified she had been “hyperbolic,” had written that Carroll is like a drug addict.

If Trump were smart or still had all his faculties, he’d dump Habba. But she’s good at what he really cares about: sucking up to him and regurgitating his grievances. She said that representing the p***y grabber “is the proudest thing I could ever do.” She said the “disgusting” trial is “why I stand with Trump and that is why so many Americans are so proud that he is running again and so excited to run to the ballot box.”

“Bbut don’t get it twisted,” she added. “We are seeing a violation of our justice system.”

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