Analyst forecasts XRP dip before $22 rally, new AI crypto attracts whales

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XRP’s dip is seen as a buy signal before the bull run; InQubeta emerges as a top AI altcoin pick.

XRP has been on a downtrend in the macro market. However, one analyst believes this dip is a great buying opportunity before the upcoming bull cycle.

There’s also another big opportunity in the AI sector, InQubeta, which is quickly shaping up to be one of the best altcoins on the market.

According to a post on X from cryptocurrency analyst EGRAG Crypto shared with their over 45,000 followers, the analyst sees the price of one of the top altcoins, XRP, swing upward to $22.38 in the near future, following what one would hope to be a positive court result.

In the charts, a symmetrical triangle pattern was formed back in 2017. Cryptocurrency’s price has seen a series of higher and lower prices, with a potential bull run being suggested if XRP breaks the pattern with a strong upward movement.

According to the analysis, if XRP keeps up its upward momentum into early 2024, it is expected to take the blue path, aiming for a peak of $6.41. Conversely, a decline early in the year could set it on a path to a remarkable recovery, leading to a potential high of $22.

Overall, XRP may be a great choice if you want to diversify your portfolio and bet on a horse with a good narrative in the market. If their court case goes favorably, this could spell even better news for the token. With that being said, though, we are not financial advisors, and you should always do your own research.

InQubeta on the rise

AI intеgration is starting to play a major role in the current cryptocurrеncy rally and is expected to lеad thе nеxt bullish wavе. This is because it is single-handedly fuelling one of the biggest sectors in the world right now: AI. Now, the rapid growth of artificial intеlligеncе applications beyond chatbots and content creation is anticipated to accеlеratе in the coming months and years. According to rеcеnt findings, almost half of thе largеst companies arе invеsting a significant amount of monеy in AI rеsеarch.

Thе rеcеnt combination of the top crypto coins and AI has opened up a wеalth of opportunities and thе possibility for ground-brеaking discovеriеs. Artificial intelligence brings several benefits to the cryptocurrеncy industry, such as automatеd trading, improved sеcurity, morе еfficiеnt optimization, and simplifiеd usеr intеrfacеs.

In this space, InQubeta is the best cryptocurrency platform for AI startup investments, offering an innovative approach to crypto crowdfunding. It introduces the concept of fractional investment using its native cryptocurrency, QUBE tokens, making it the best crypto to buy for those interested in the AI technology sector.

InQubeta leverages blockchain technology to tokenize investment opportunities, representing them as non-fungible tokens. These NFTs can be reward-based or equity-based, offering unique incentives to investors. Startups list these NFTs on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, making it an awesome choice for investors.

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XRP has been dipping as of late, leaving many investors disappointed due to their lack of gains in the market. With that being said, though, the classic saying is buy low, sell high, so now might be a great time to buy. InQubeta on the other hand continues to make a case as to why it may be a top ten cryptocurrency that experts and whales take very seriously.

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