Analyst says XRP may see huge boost in coming days

A popular crypto YouTube personality known as The Bearable Bull predicts major changes are coming for XRP and the broader crypto market around Nov. 19.

In a video posted on Nov. 16, the influencer pointed to an important date on the horizon that could trigger a bull run for XRP and other altcoins. He cited the SWIFT global payments network’s plans to fully launch its new ISO 20022 standard on Nov. 19.

ISO 20022 is a new messaging standard that allows more data to be included in financial transactions. It also enables interoperability between different systems. The Bearable Bull suggested the new standard will “begin” in three days as part of a series of upgrades to modernize the global financial infrastructure.

He believes the timing aligns closely with Ripple’s vision for cross-border payments and its XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple has been working for years to disrupt the legacy SWIFT system with its blockchain-based network. The company’s executives have met with officials from the IMF, World Economic Forum, and other major financial institutions to promote XRP as a faster, cheaper bridge currency.

The Bearable Bull theorized the November upgrade to SWIFT marks the start of real-world adoption for Ripple’s technology and XRP’s role in powering a new financial system. He pointed to comments made recently by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, who said “the international payment system needs to be improved” and noted crypto is “not going away.”

In the influencer’s view, the IMF’s remarks signal an embrace of digital assets to modernize global finance. He believes XRP is best positioned to solve liquidity problems in cross-border payments. The Bearable Bull cited Ripple’s victory in its long-running lawsuit with the SEC as removing regulatory roadblocks for XRP’s wider adoption.

Overall, the analyst is extremely bullish on XRP based on the timing of the SWIFT upgrades, the perceived thawing of institutional opposition, and the possibility of an extended crypto bull run in 2023-2024. He urged viewers to prepare for major gains as global regulators and financial leaders ramp up adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets.

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