‘And Just Like That’ Season Two, Episode 10 Recap: Charlotte Sells Art to Sam Smith, Miranda Confronts Che and Carrie Goes to Coney Island

In this week’s episode of “And Just Like That,” Charlotte’s husband and kids are having tantrums over her being a working mom, Miranda confronts how she handles terms with her exes, and Aidan’s kids cause worry.


The episode opens with Carrie and Aidan at Coney Island, where they meet Steve, who is opening a new restaurant spot in the area. Aidan’s son Wyatt calls and asks him to come home, but Aidan decides to stay in New York.

Carrie is also in the middle of packing up her apartment as she’s getting ready to move to Gramercy Park. Her old neighbor Lisette got her old apartment in what Seema called an amazing deal. She meets with Anthony to give him a message from Stanford that he is staying in Japan and has become a monk. Stanford has also sent divorce papers and is leaving Anthony the apartment.

Later, Carrie is planning a dinner party after she won dinner from a Michelin star chef at Lisa and Charlotte’s school auction, but it’s at her old apartment. Aidan still refuses to go in there. They have a heart-to-heart about their past relationship problems, and Aidan admits he doesn’t want to go in that apartment because he’s afraid he’ll hurt her all over again.

Aidan gets a call that Wyatt got in a car accident and broke his collar bone, so he rushes back to Virginia. He calls Carrie and breaks down over his son’s accident, closing the episode.

Carrie’s Fashion Moments

Sarah Jessica Parker, John Corbett, Carrie, Aidan, And Just Like That, Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett in “And Just Like That” Season Two, episode 10.

Craig Blankenhorn

Carrie’s best look in this episode was her opening number, featuring a star print cardigan, blue shirt dress and shimmering silver boots.


Miranda is handling things at the HRC office when her boss returns from parental leave, but she’s been pulling things off with aplomb. After a conversation with Nya, Miranda has an epiphany that she throws her exes out of her life.

After hesitation, Miranda decides to attend Che’s new comedy set but finds she is the target of many of their jokes, which makes her very self-conscious. Miranda leaves after she can’t take it anymore. Che sees her and runs after her, and they get into an argument before parting ways.

Miranda’s Fashion Moments

Cynthia Nixon, Miranda, And Just Like That

Cynthia Nixon in “And Just Like That” Season Two, episode 10.


Miranda opens the episode in a green belted cowl-neck dress that was a great day-to-night look. After the U.N. press conference, she dons a purple and yellow statement ombré coat.


Charlotte is showing art to Sam Smith when Rock calls, thinking them leaving their notebook at home is an emergency, and Charlotte sends Harry to fetch it. It’s clear her children don’t know how to handle her being a working mom.

Charlotte ends up selling an Alex Israel painting for more than $100,000 to Sam Smith, and her coworkers want to take her out to drink. She gets drunk, throws her phone into a pitcher of margaritas and is over being texted. She comes home drunk, and after being judged by her husband and kids, she yells at them that she was a person before Harry’s wife or Lily and Rock’s mom, and they need to get it together.

Charlotte’s Fashion Moments

Kristin Davis, Charlotte, And Just Like That

Kristin Davis in “And Just Like That” Season Two, episode 10.


Charlotte opens the episode in a polka-dot top with voluminous shoulder pads. For drinks with her coworkers, she’s transitioned to her more business-chic minimalist style.


Lisa’s documentary is being turned into a 10-part documentary series. Meanwhile, she’s having a crisis about having a baby and being a career woman and doesn’t know if she can pull off both. She’s tossing and turning in bed when she yells at Herbert for never getting a vasectomy. Herbert reassures her she can juggle a career and a baby. At the end of the episode, she appears to have a miscarriage.


Seema and Ravi are getting sexually intimate when Seema says I love you during sex and he says it back. She starts panicking because she thinks she said it too soon.

Seema’s Fashion Moments

Sarita Choudhury, Seema, And Just Like That

Sarita Choudhury in “And Just Like That” Season Two, episode 10.


Seema storms into Carrie’s apartment into another one of her signature all-animal print moments, this time, cheetah on leopard.

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