Another GOP Congressman Is Bailing Out Of Office

On Saturday, the news broke that Wisconsin Congresscritter Mike Gallagher will not be seeking reelection. It puts a final note on one of the most remarkable downfalls. Just a few months ago, Republicans were praising Gallagher and urging him to run against Senator Tammy Baldwin. But in the last few days, after he voted against impeaching Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Republicans were condemning him and actively seeking people to primary him.

Gallagher is not leaving on a somber note but rather with some jokes:

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher, chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, will not seek reelection this November.

Gallagher told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he will leave Congress at the end of his current term to enter the private sector and spend more time with his young family. He said his future work will be in-line with his national security goals and focus on defense policy.

“I really just feel like I’ve accomplished much more than I even thought I could when I set out, and I firmly don’t believe that the best use for the next chapter of my career is staying in Congress for another decade,” Gallagher said in an interview.

“Even though my title may change, my job may change, my mission is always going to remain the same,” he said. “My mission is to prevent World War III. I’ve dedicated myself to restoring conventional deterrence in order to prevent a war with China, and so whatever I do next will be an extension of that mission.”

In other words, expect that after he officially leaves office, he’ll announce his new job at a lobbying firm or something like that.

But for a member of the least productive congress in recent history, Gallagher’s claim of accomplishing so much is worthy of a spit take.

Among his “accomplishments,” was sitting and whining about not having the clearance to do his very important work on the armed forces and the intel committees. Of course, he lacked said clearance because it was one of the several weeks that Congress was without a Speaker to actually make those assignments because of all the Republican infighting.

While he humblebrags about being such an authority on national security and world peace, I’m sure he might have overlooked the time that he said that TFG was too old to be president but that wouldn’t keep him from voting for him again.

Gallagher really showed his mettle when he Xitted out a video demanding that Trump put an end to the insurrection on January 6th, but then turned around and voted not to impeach Trump for the behaviors which he condemned him.

Yeah, not exactly the kind of guy I would want to rely on for security or world peace in any way, shape or form..

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