Antisemitic Sporkfoot: I Support 'Real' Jewish Lasers!

In her book application to be vice-president, Representative Marge Sporkfoot tried to deny her antisemitism by pointing out that Jesus was Jewish and that she had some Jewish friends and, more importantly, Jewish campaign donors. But her ace in the hole was how she supported “real Jewish lasers”:

In an advance copy of her book obtained by The Forward, Greene claims that the 2018 post was sarcastic and she had no idea she was using an antisemitic trope, and that her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was “a Jewish carpenter who died on the cross for my sins, and I have no antisemitic sentiments whatsoever.”

She also said she is a strong supporter of Israel and has support from the Orthodox Jewish community. “Orthodox Jews reached out to me, befriended me, and some even donated to my campaigns.” she writes.

In her book, Greene also touts her voting record on Israel military aid, including funding for the “Iron Beam,” a new laser missile defense system, calling it “Israel’s real” space laser.

“So, it turns out I actually support Jewish space lasers,” she writes.

This is coming from a woman who thought that menorahs were for Yom Kippur.*

Stay tuned for the next reveal on how she’s not really racist because she loves fried chicken.

*Does anyone else think she pronounces Yom Kippur as “Yum, Kippers!”?

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