Aptos Foundation, Movement to bridge EVM and non-EVM ecosystems

The Aptos Foundation announced an integration with Movement to establish a sophisticated routing infrastructure.

On March 13, the Aptos team announced that Movement will integrate Aptos Data Availability (DA) capabilities with the Move stack and create a sophisticated routing infrastructure between the Movement blockchain.

The integration will also provide a more seamless Aptos interface to the Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks, improving the interoperability and functionality of the Aptos networks.

Aptos Foundation head of grants and ecosystem Bashar Lazaar, in a comment to crypto.news emphasized the importance of partnership with Movement:

“This integration is significant because by aligning the Movement network with Aptos, a huge opportunity emerges to natively onboard EVM protocols, liquidity, and users to Aptos and Movement.”

Bashar Lazaar, Aptos Foundation head of grants and ecosystem

Aptos is a blockchain platform powered by the AptosBFT consensus algorithm. The project uses a unique programming language called Move to create smart contracts. Last month, Aptos unveiled another initiative: a partnership with technology firm Jambo to expand access to web3 in emerging markets.

The collaboration resulted in the release of the JamboPhone smartphone, positioned as a budget smartphone model. It is available to order in more than 40 countries for $99.

At the end of February, the native Aptos token (APT) recorded impressive gains. In addition, blockchain’s development activity reached its two-month high—it hiked by 268% with 39 active development contributors.

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