Arkham is allegedly privacy trafficking, crypto reporter claims

According to crypto reporter Colin Wu, Binance’s popular IEO project, Arkham Intelligence, has been collecting private user data.

Per the tweet, Arkham’s blockchain intelligence platform has been leaking a huge number of users’ private email addresses, calling it “personal privacy trafficking.” This faced criticism from the broader crypto community.

On July 10, the blockchain intelligence platform announced its “Dox-to-Earn” program that allows users to purchase personal data on a wallet address anonymously. Arkham stated it would connect users through a bounty mechanism by locking funds to a request.

Moreover, Adam Cochran, an executive at Synthetix and a contributor to Yearn Finance, shared a list of all the data collected by Arkham Intelligence. This includes contact data, interests, usage, marketing data, communications, transaction data, blockchain addresses, and even personal device information.

“It’s free cause you are the product.”

Adam Cochran, Synthetix exec

The CEO of Arkham Intelligence, Miguel Morel, tweeted that the referral links contained “a Base 64 encoded version of the referrer’s email” to track user referrals since the beta launch. 

“It was not a way to collect user email. Users already use their emails when they sign up for the platform and get a ref link. We do not use them for anything other than communicating with users and attributing referrals.”

Miguel Morel, CEO of Arkham Intelligence

According to Wu, Arkham is set to release an FAQ for its users about using their data.

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