At Last, Kyrsten Sinema Announces She Won't Run In 2024

In a video posted to her social media accounts today, Senator Kyrsten Sinema finally put everyone (including CBS anchor Margaret Brennan in the video above) out of their misery when she announced she wouldn’t run for re-election in 2024.

In the three-minute video, she bemoans the partisanship and division between parties before touting the accomplishments that almost didn’t get done, thanks to her and Joe Manchin. For all of her gabble in that video about how she did so many things with Republicans, she forgot to note that she killed the child tax credit and all of the Build Back Better bill that would have been so great for working families, she watered down the infrastructure bill and then there is also this moment exactly 3 years ago today when she killed the $15 minimum wage increase with a flounce and a thumbs-down, like the McCain she wasn’t.

There won’t be any sadness from me about her retirement from the Senate. She was more interested in her triathlons and expensive fundraisers in wine caves than the people she represented.

It’s a two-way race in Arizona now between Kari Lake and Ruben Gallego. Let’s support the candidate who isn’t batshit crazy and actually wants to do good things for Arizona.

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