At Santa Tere Espacio, Oficina de Diseño Colaborativo, Maye Colab, and Atelier TBD adaptively reused an old house for mixed-use space

San Miguel de Allende is a four hour drive north of Mexico City. The state of Guanajuato’s provincial capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site near the geographic center of Mexico.

Founded in 1797, the former industrial city has been called Ciudad de Revolución. The reason: Instituto Allende, a revolutionary visual arts school built in 1950 that’s produced remarkable Mexican artists like Nicolás Cuéllar, Gorky González Quiñones, and Luis Gutierrez. Much of the city’s public spaces and buildings are adorned by colorful, socialist murals from Instituto Allende’s graduates.

Since COVID, San Miguel has seen a groundswell of remote working expats from the U.S. populating its historic villas and new luxury condominiums. To re-center local San Miguel artists, designers from Oficina de Diseño Colaborativo (OCD), Maye Colab, and Atelier TBD teamed up to adaptively reuse an old house for studios and community space, creating Santa Tere Espacio.


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