Audi Q8 e-tron: 8 details we absolutely love

7 Acoustic glazing side windows

Unlike the ambient lighting, the Audi Q8 e-tron’s optional acoustic glazing side windows are a feature that needs to be heard rather than seen: but, trust us when we say it’ll be as much a showstopper as the backlit Audi emblem. A £550 optional extra, they’re are another detail you didn’t know you needed until you’ve experiences them – taking what is already one of the most refined premium SUVs on the market to new heights. Quiet doesn’t even cut it.

On one of this year’s most blustery days in Brighton, it almost entirely shut out the noise from outside. It’s also equally refined on motorways, cutting out the burr of the passing air.

The point is, if you spend your time crossing the country for work or play, or simply appreciate the uninterrupted, fuller sound of your favourite tunes (or podcasts), we would make sure the ‘double glazed’ acoustic side windows option box is ticked.

8 Double sided charging port // Charging cable frunk zip bag

Details make the difference, and the Audi Q8 e-tron’s double-sided charging port and the conveniently packaged charging cable – which comes in its own zip bag in the ‘frunk’ front storage area – are unquestionably some of the most useful.

Whereas most all-electric cars have a single charging port (either somewhere at the front or rear), the Audi Q8 e-tron double’s up on its charging ports to offer two ways to top-up – letting you charge on either side, whichever way you’re parked. We found this especially convenient where public chargers would have tethered CCS cables on the left or the right of the charging unit.

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