Autocar product test: what is the best bike rack?

Critical weights: Rack – 3kg Max bike weight – 15kg 

This is very similar to the Halfords’ Roof Carrier, and it has much the same strengths and weaknesses. There are some differences, though. The Cruz can be mounted to a wider variety of roof bars: it comes supplied with clamps for traditional square bars, but a separate kit can make it suitable for T-Track mounting system that makes it more suitable for built-in bars on a lot of modern cars. However, we prefer the Halfords model’s standard-fit ‘Fasty’ wheel straps and narrow tyre adapters.

Autocar says 3 stars

4. Halfords Roof Mount Cycle Carrier


Price: £40.00

Buy from:

Contact: 0345 504 5353


Critical weights: Rack – 3kg Max bike weight – 15kg 

Some heavier bikes may be too much for this rack’s clamp, but for most average-weight bikes this is a super-affordable means of bike transport. Inevitably, though, that price comes with some compromises, including the fact that the rack’s mounts only work with ‘aero’ and traditional square roof bars. Security is so-so, too, as there’s a lock to secure the bikes to the rack, but no way of securing the rack to the bars. Like most racks, it’s necessary to fix the adjustable arm and side of operation before fitting the rack, which entails removing and re-tightening some bolts, so you’ll need a spanner to hand. 

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