Autocar product test: what is the best car shampoo?


Price: £9.94(5l)

Buy from:

Min price per litre: £1.99 (5l)

Yes, it looks like washing up liquid but the Holts shampoo has good cleaning power, working well on most general dirt and then rinsing away easily. The wax aspect of it doesn’t seem to do much, mind, as there’s not the same water repellent finish that you get with some others here. Even so, it does a great job of rinsing away the dirt, and at this price it’s a great option for a budget shampoo.

Autocar says 3 stars

7. Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner


Price: £9.99 (for 473ml)

Buy from:

Min price per litre: £8.83

The Meguiars left a glossy, smear-free finish and melted away most of the worst muck, with only the usual elbow grease required over dried-bugs around the grille and brake dust on the wheels. It leaves a coating that helps water to bead and run off freely, so while it didn’t offer the same level of shine that we got from our pricier range of shampoos, it’s still a decent result. It’s usefully cheaper when bought in the bigger 1.8-litre bottle but is still a pricey option.

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