Bannon Coaxes Trump To Ditch Trial And Go To Jail

Steve Bannon, the leader of the seditious GOP megaphone clan advises diminished Don to not show up to the Manhattan courtroom during his trial and see what happens.

Bannon: Thursday’s also on another topic uh… the immunity situation one of the most important uh… arguments in history of the Supreme Court.

This is a lie. This immunity case is another shot in dark to excuse Trump’s lawlessness. In the scheme of things this is a trite case.

Bannon: Of course Trump won’t be there. If I was Trump, I’d go to the immunity thing and let me put me in uh… in in a jail cell. And I’d go I’d go to Barron’s graduation. I’d do both of them. Say ‘come on dude,’ stand up to him. Just do it. See what, see the chips fall.

No criminal ever is allowed to f**k off a court appearance because of a kid’s ceremony. It’s not a thing unless you’re an entitled narcissistic traitor. And the traitor and former ex-president is not needed to appear at the Supreme Court. Again, Trump is an indicted defendant, he’s not forced to go to community service.

Bannon thinks Trump going to jail will help his corrupt messiah. How? Any sane voter understands what’s going on. MAGA is already insanely angry at everything.

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