Bannon: DeSantis Is Not 'Super Classy' And 'Kind-Hearted' Like Trump Is

On Steve Bannon’s podcast ‘Real America’s Voice,’ he actually said that Gov. Ron DeSantis, who dropped out of the race for the GOP nomination and threw his support behind Donald Trump, is not as “classy” and polite as the former President. “He’s (Lumpy) actually a very kind-hearted guy,” Bannon, who should be in prison, said, adding that “Ron DeSantis was not gracious” when he suspended his campaign and endorsed his rival on Sunday. I guess Bannon doesn’t think that DeSantis bowed down to kiss Trump’s ring enough.

“This is the Murdochs,” Bannon said. “This is the big donors. This is the Lords of easy money, the tech oligarchs. It’s constant and relentless, and we have to be the guardians of that. That’s why hey, yeah, we are a lot of times send them a Siberia shoot the wounded, right?”

“I hate, you know, it’s not something we like to do. Okay, maybe something we kind of like to do. But it’s for a purpose, and you’re seeing it happen right now. Ron DeSantis, President Trump’s very classy, super classy,” he said of the man facing 91 felonies, 4 indictments, and has been found liable of sexual abuse. “He’s got a kind heart. He’s actually a very kind-hearted guy.”

“Ron DeSantis was not gracious. He said, oh, I signed a pledge. So I got to support him, kind of just still like the little nine-year-old petulant child that Ron DeSantis is,” he continued. “Ron DeSantis, who’s never going to be President of the United States. You just spent, burned, 150 million dollars in Iowa, dude. You can’t come back from that. It leaves a permanent mark.”

“Rahim, this is what they even said in the in a bunch of the analyses with the DeSantis, DeSanctimonious, we’re not retiring it here, folks. Remember send them to Siberia. Rahim, they said the economy, the financial condition of the country, and the border and immigration are the top two issues, which he really never addressed.

That’s sweet, but “super classy” Donald Trump, who is said to emit an offensive odor, never signed the pledge that every other Republican signed. At least Ronald and his Wonder Boots agreed to that. Trump isn’t capable of that.

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