Bannon Fears Trump Too ‘Mentally Hurt’ By Court Cases To ‘Effectively Govern’

It never ceases to amaze me how little responsibility the “party of personal responsibility” ever takes. In this case, it’s Steve Bannon suggesting that Trump’s obvious unfitness for office is because of the “lawfare” being waged by the Department of Justice.

On Thursday’s podcast, accused-fraudster and deadbeat Bannon told his audience to “write this down” about what the Democrats are doing to harm his favorite pu**y grabber: “There is no law they won’t trample. There’s no trick they won’t pull.” The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are also in on it, according to Bannon.

“Every part of the apparatus is focused on one thing and that is the complete and total destruction of Donald J. Trump,” Bannon continued.

But then Bannon expressed concern that Trump won’t be up to the job. He claimed that the Deep State’s goal is to damage Trump so much “that even if he was to take the White House in November this year that he would be too politically, financially and, quite frankly, physically and maybe even mentally hurt, that he then couldn’t effectively govern.”

What? You mean your pardon-wielding MAGA hero is not up to defeating the deep state? Sad!

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