‘Barbie Botox’ for Doll-like Faces Goes Viral During ‘Barbie’ Movie Marketing Mania

If life in plastic is fantastic, fans of Barbie’s look are thinking outside of the doll box.

The namesake movie inspired by Mattel’s bestselling toy smashed box office expectations last week over its opening weekend. With Margot Robbie in the titular role, it scored more than $150 million and made history as the highest-earning film by a female director with kudos going to Greta Gerwig.

From capsule collections by Gap and Zara to Progressive auto insurance, the marketing frenzy leading up to “Barbie’s” debut has extended to the aesthetics industry — and social media is tickled pink for “Barbie Botox.”

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TikTok users have praised the look with more than 2 million views featuring raving testimonials about achieving a doll-smooth eye area — it becomes more open and less squinty — just like Barbie’s for more than 60 years.

Allison Gordon, a nurse practitioner who performs the “Barbie Botox” treatment for adults at medical spa JECT, said she uses manufacturer Evolus’ new neuromodulator Jeuveau for its precision around the eyes.

“It had another name called the ‘Jelly Roll Botox,’ said Gordon, who did not coin the term. “And then with the onset of the ‘Barbie’ promotion, now everyone’s referring to it as ‘Barbie Botox’ or using different terminology for the under eye injection.”

The cost for the eye-popping procedure is about $100 for four units, said Gordon, who added that the small amount that’s needed lasts around two to three months, and after that time a touch up would be needed to maintain the look.

“I would say Barbie looks like someone that doesn’t have any static lines at rest,” Gordon said.

Some additional treatments that replicate Barbie’s look can involve a combination of Jeuveau near the eyes, which relaxes muscles, as well as between the brows, crow’s feet and forehead. The use of facial fillers can minimize things like nasolabial folds, the folds of skin that extend around the nose down to the mouth, and the marionettes, the lines that appear around the corners of the mouth down to the chin.

“We inject areas where the muscle contracts [with Jeuveau], but it’s not really around the mouth, because then you can change how the mouth moves, and we need our mouth to pronounce our words and smile,” Gordon explained.

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