Big Old Scaredy Cat Donald Trump Intimidated By A Heckler

A common trait with narcissists is that they can’t handle even the slightest bit of criticism. Donald Trump is a raging narcissist, and in 2016, we witnessed how he treated people with opposing views as it was common to see protesters thrown out of his rallies, and he even encouraged violence. Trump displayed once again how an insecure little titty-baby acts when confronted with a protester. By the way, there is no cure for narcissism. I say that to highlight the fact that the 77-year-old GOP frontrunner, who is facing 91 felonies, will never change.

Members of the crowd shoved a man as Trump called for his removal from the venue in Manchester. Trump seemed confused and asked if the man was a ‘friend.’ Maybe he thought he was Nikki Haley, IDK.

“I got — who is this?” Trump asked. “Is he a friend?”

“You can get him out of here,” Trump said. “Get out of here. Get out of here. Go ahead. You can throw him out. Go ahead.”

The crowd started booing as Trump demanded that he be removed. Tell me again how this is not a cult.

Well, now we know that politics is getting serious,” he continued. “So now we know we’re getting serious. No. He’s just a disturbed person.”

“Remember, that used to happen all the time,” Trump said. “People used to call for it. Where is that? We want it back.”

I mentioned how he would never change, and he just confirmed that.

“But, no, probably we’re — we’re really now into political season,” Trump added while not making any sense. “That is happening. It’s happening.”

President Joe Biden knows how to handle a heckler. He can handle trolls, too. He curb-stomped his biggest troll in 2016 and will do it again in 2024 with our help. The support for MAGA is dwindling, and the big baby can’t get Independents or Democrats to support him. We know that for a fact since he once again ordered his MAGA base to throw the man out. Tick tock. America should be tired of his shit.

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