BitBoy shares drug test results, alleges coup at his company

Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, counters drug misuse allegations that led to his removal from BJ Investment Holdings, sharing drug test results and alleging a takeover plot.

Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy, has fired back against allegations that led to his ousting from BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of BitBoy. Armstrong was initially accused of drug misuse, charges he labels as “libelous” and “100% false.”

Armstrong took to social media to clear his name, sharing negative results of a five-panel drug test. He claims these results affirm his innocence.

Initially saying he would withhold further comments, Armstrong later broke his silence to firmly deny any drug use. He alleges that the real reason behind his dismissal is a plot by Justin Williams and TJ Shedd, CEO of Hit Network, to take control of the company.

Armstrong says his usage of diet pills, specifically phentermine, was medically supervised and for weight management.

He further claims that his name being removed from Hit Network’s office is evidence of a scheme to oust him, describing the situation as “diabolical.”

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