Bitsa introduces saving: a new feature for crypto investors

Bitsa, a European prepaid card service that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, has launched a new feature called Saving.

Saving is a tool that enables users to automate their crypto investments using the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy.

The new feature will also have a simulator, allowing users to estimate how much they could save using the DCA strategy. Users can choose the crypto asset they want, the amount they want, and the frequency of their investments. After a certain period, the simulator will then show them how much their investment would be worth.

Antonio Palacio, managing director of Bitsa, said that the crypto market is currently showing positive trends and is the right time to launch a financial tool to help investors maximize their profits. He added that Saving is designed to make crypto investing easy and accessible for everyone.

What is the DCA?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy that involves regularly investing a fixed amount of money into a particular asset, regardless of its price. This approach is often used when buying stocks or cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied to other purchases.

The concept behind DCA is to mitigate the impact of market volatility on investment returns. Investors can take advantage of market fluctuations by investing a fixed amount at regular intervals. When prices are high, the fixed investment amount will buy fewer units of the asset; when prices are low, the fixed investment amount will buy more units. Over time, this strategy could result in a lower average cost per unit of the asset.

One of the critical benefits of DCA is that it removes the need to time the market. Instead of trying to predict the best entry points, investors can focus on consistently investing over the long term. This can help reduce the emotional stress and anxiety that often comes with trying to time the market.

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