Boeing model over 20 years old investigated for tire problem on American Airlines flight from Dallas to LA

Federal officials are investigating an incident in which an American Airlines plane flying from Dallas to Los Angeles suffered a tire problem, just a week after a United Airlines jetliner lost a tire during takeoff.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday that preliminary information indicated that American flight 345 “blew a tire” during takeoff from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport but said later “the crew reported a flat tire.” American said the pilots got a warning of low pressure in one of the tires.

The Boeing 777 landed safely and taxied to the gate under its own power, American said.

That model of plane has 14 tires to handle the pressure of takeoffs and landings: six on each of the two main landing gear assemblies and two more under the nose landing gear. The FAA is also investigating an incident last week in which a United Airlines Boeing 777 lost a tire during takeoff in San Francisco and cut short a flight to Japan, landing safely at Los Angeles International Airport.

Both planes in the recent incidents are more than 20 years old.

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