'Boo!': We're Pretty Sure Trump Wasn't Expecting This At The Game

Former President Donald Trump hyped up the “Palmetto Bowl” to upstage rival Nikki Haley in her backyard. Still, even though some people found it within themselves to cheer on the twice-impeached disgraced former President’s entrance at the game, his support appears to be waning. Trump was met with a chorus of boos as he pulled into the arena. Haley did not attend the game.

The boos were loud enough to hurt Trump’s insatiable appetite for adulation. Xitter users weighed it, and why not. I could play this on a loop.

Same vibes:

Of course, Trump supporters say their hero was cheered and not booed.

But the fact is that both cheers and boos happened. But to Trumpers, there were only cheers. 2024 is going to be crazy.

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