Buttigieg Takes A Sledgehammer To Trump In The Most Polite Way Ever

Gen. Mark Milley, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he will take “appropriate measures” to protect himself and his family after the twice-impeached one-termer suggested that he is guilty of treason, and said he should be executed. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was interviewed on Inside with Jen Psaki, and he calmly and nicely called out Donald Trump over his disdain for the military. Buttigieg is like the most polite sledgehammer ever.

“The level of disrespect for the American military, not to mention for the general, is both shocking and not shocking,” Buttigieg said. “I mean, look, this is part of a lifelong pattern with the former president that I would argue was first displayed when he faked a disability in order to avoid having to go to Vietnam and allowed, I assume, some working-class person to go in his place, and has continued ever since.”

“Made a name for himself by basically saying that he did not respect John McCain because he was a war hero,” he continued. “And look, a lot of this, obviously, is to get attention, and you hesitate to reward that. On the other hand, we do, in fact, still have some boundaries that matter in this country.”

“And one of them is that our regard for the military and our respect for the military is nonpartisan, it’s nonpolitical, and it’s universal,” he said. “And that is especially important because that’s part of how the military does their job.”

I knew every time I put on that uniform, every time I went to work, every time I got into a vehicle, every time I went outside the wire, that I was with men and women who were serving and supporting each other and responsive to a chain of command that was not about politics, that did not break down because of our political differences,” he recalled.” This undermines that. It threatens that.”

“And it threatens it at a time when we need those institutions that are still at least somewhat outside of the chaos that the last administration sowed and that some extreme House Republicans are sowing as we speak,” he continued. “We need what the military has to offer by way of nonpartisan stability more than ever.”

“And I would say General Milley’s been a class act in how he’s dealt with it,” he added.

Looking back at when Trump belittled McCain on numerous occasions, his supporters were happy to jump in and mimic their president to demean the late Senator, who was an actual war hero. Yeah, it’s a cult.

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