Canadian Teen Accused Of Vandalizing 1,200-year-old Temple In Japan

Recently, a British tourist was also caught defacing the Roman Colosseum. He also faces a large fine.

Source: BBC

A Canadian teenager has been questioned by police in Japan after carving letters on a wooden pillar of an 8th Century temple.

Police said the 17-year-old boy carved “Julian” on a pillar at the Toshodaiji Kondo temple complex in Nara, Japan.

The boy was caught carving the pillar with his fingernail by a Japanese tourist, who alerted temple staff.

The temple is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After the incident, which occurred on 7 July, the boy was questioned on suspicion of violating the cultural properties protection law.

The carving was made on the pillar of the temple’s “Golden Hall”, which is a designated national treasure, police told Japanese newspaper The Mainichi.

Police also told CNN that the boy said his actions did not intend to harm Japanese culture. They added he is now with his parents, who were with him when the vandalism occurred.

A monk at the temple told The Mainichi that “even though it may have been done without malice, it is still regrettable and sad”.

And what is he facing for his stupidity?

Under Japanese law, any person who has damaged an object of “important cultural property” could face up to five years in prison, or a fine of ¥300,000 ($2,120; £1,650).

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