Cardano set for gains in 2024, KangaMoon and Chainlink holders accumulating

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Chainlink (LINK) recently rose to a two-year high. Meanwhile, data shows that whales have amassed over 11 million LINK in the past two weeks. 

In other news, Cardano (ADA) has been on the rise, targeting $1. At the same time, KangaMoon (KANG) is up 50%. Analysts expect more gains in 2024.

Chainlink whales pull over $216 million from exchanges

LINK recently jumped above $20.80 for the first time in more than two years.

Amidst the price surge, data from Lookonchain showed that 83 new wallets withdrew 11,097,687 LINK tokens worth over $216.4 million from Binance.

While this may have served as one of the catalysts for the recent price increase, there are indications that the altcoin price could continue rising.

Chainlink executive Niki Ariyasinghe recently said leading banks have begun tokenizing real-world assets.

Already, 40 institutions are working with Chainlink.

Cardano bulls target $1

Cardano is up 20% in the last week, briefly breaking $0.600.

Many crypto analysts are optimistic going forward because it has broken above a 784-day resistance level.

CryptoBusy pointed to the break above the major resistance as a momentum shift that could lead to massive gains for ADA in the coming weeks.

Ali Martinez, a renowned crypto analyst, has also suggested a bullish trend for the Cardano coin in the coming days. Based on the graphics shared by Martinez, Cardano could trade as high as $0.80 in the coming weeks.

However, if a stronger bullish historical pattern repeats itself, the altcoin price could hit $8 by early 2025.

KangaMoon up 50%, extends gains in 2024

KangaMoon is up 50%, rising from $0.0050 to a new high at $0.00750.

KangaMoon aims to be the home of meme coin enthusiasts. It is built around a social-fi concept that encourages increased social activity within the community.

Users are rewarded for participating in network activities. The more engaged a user is within KangaMoon, the more their rewards will be.

The platform is also dedicated to protecting user privacy, and SOLIDProof thoroughly audits its smart contracts of the project. 

Investors purchasing KANG tokens can take advantage of the ongoing 15% buy bonus.

Closing thoughts

The ongoing Chainlink accumulation spree hints at investors expecting a significant price increase in the coming weeks. Another altcoin that could see similar gains is Cardano. However, KangaMoon can rally in 2024 with its unique new concept and fast-growing community.

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