Launches Constellation AI for Automated and Simplified Product Merchandising and Inventory Management

Quickly following the launch of its Constellation Order Management System (OMS), which was announced at the end of February, has added the integration of Constellation AI, a new suite of AI features that will be embedded across its software, services and logistic technologies.

At just under four years old, the Austin-based company has gained attention as one of the fastest-growing commerce and logistics companies with more than 6,000 brands currently on its platform.’s solutions enable merchants to sell and fulfill wherever the consumer is and has been investing in making the physical and digital infrastructure that unifies operations across channels to make it easier for omnichannel merchants.

With the addition of Constellation AI, aims to not only make selling and listing products more efficient but also deliver enhanced forecasting to drive informed inventory planning. Using Constellation AI, partners will be able to leverage machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling and generative AI through the introduction of Constellation AI’s five key capabilities.

The first capability is new sales channel identification will identify new sales channels with growth opportunities based on current product offerings. Second, the AI will generate and optimize product titles, descriptions and product attributes and translations through proprietary language models for commerce. Third, intelligent repricing will automate prices with machine learning to optimize sales across marketplace channels. Fourth, AI-powered demand forecasting will provide data on future demand of sku and sales channel levels. Last, the AI will determine inventory order and placement optimization.

As continues to weave AI into commerce for merchant’s realized potential, Omair Tariq, founder and chief executive officer of, said, “By harnessing the power of data and AI across the full commerce value chain, we are taking the guesswork out of marketing products and managing inventory. We’re excited to see how our continued investment in new AI capabilities will deliver value to our entire customer base.”

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