Celestia and Ethereum Classic in range, Borroe Finance presale draws attention

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Investors have been watching Celestia (TIA) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) in January. However, predicting their price movements in Q1 2024 is proving difficult. As a result, some investors are now exploring Borroe Finance (ROE).

TIA surging

Recently, Celestia implemented the Celestia Improvement Proposal (CIP) Process. 

According to recent crypto news, Ethan Buchman has joined the Celestia team as a CIP editor. 

Also, Skip Protocol has formed a 50-person working group to provide recommendations for the CIP process. 

With Celestia’s ecosystem growing, TIA prices rose in the last week of January. 

Some analysts are bullish, saying TIA could reach $27 in H2 2024.

ETC ranging

Ethereum Classic plans to implement the Spiral Upgrade. 

Despite the upgrade, ETC remains stable, pulling back briefly from $23.94 to $23.64. 

Experts are bullish, expecting the coin to reach $25 by March.

ROE presale crosses $2.7 million

Borroe Finance allows businesses to sell their future earnings as digital assets called NFTs at a discount. 

So far, its presale has raised over $2.7 million. In stage 4 of the presale, ROE is available for $0.019. 

The token will list for $0.040.

Analysts predict that ROE may reach $0.19 by December.

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