Changpeng Zhao toys with idea of biotech investment in X post

The former head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, hinted at newfound interests beyond running the exchange.

In a Nov. 27 post on X the former CEO of Binance says he is “thinking about how to use crypto to accelerate research funding” in biotech.

Zhao’s recent blog posts reflect his unwavering commitment to innovation. He is exploring ways to harness the power of digital currencies to support biotechnology research, recognizing the ability of cryptocurrencies to improve and speed up monetary transactions.

Binance Square — the education and news arm of the market portal — has been providing hints as to where the former CEO’s interests may lie. Recently, European biotech startup Cradle raised $24m in a Series A funding round, according to Binance. Cradle uses generative artificial intelligence to help scientists design and create proteins more efficiently and at a lower cost. It is unknown whether Binance participated in the funding round, but it is possible that Zhao will soon turn his attention to this sector.

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