Charlie Sykes: Yes, Biden May Be Old But Trump Is Crazy

Charlie Sykes went on Morning Joe with some unsolicited advice for the Biden/Harris campaign of how to address Biden’s age issue:

“Talk about what Donald Trump is up to, think about what’s going on in Capitol Hill,” Sykes said. “You are talking about a government shutdown, at the same time, they’re launching this impeachment inquiry. What could possibly go wrong? Kevin McCarthy has given away so much of his power. He has made himself so weak that he, in fact, has put the lunatics and the clowns in charge, yet this is the moment where we have to ask, are the American people going to think the Republican Party should be trusted with more power? Are they a serious governing party, or has it become all performative? They’re not waiting until after the election to let their freak flags fly. You’re seeing this at the presidential level, at the congressional level.”

“Look, you know, we’ve been talking about, you know, what kind of messaging, you know, the Biden campaign should engage in,” Sykes added. “It’s not really that complicated. Joe Biden can say, ‘Yes, I’m old, but he is crazy, they are crazy, they are dangerous and are burning it down. Yes, I’m an old guy, but this guy is deranged and fascist-adjacent.’ That’s the way you address the age issue and the contrast. Don’t make it too complex, you know, ‘I’m old, but you’re nuts.'”

To hear Sykes say this is like Dr. Frankenstein telling the townspeople that “Yup, my monster is nuts all right. He really should be stopped, I guess.”

After decades of Sykes being a radio squawker on the biggest station in the State of Wisconsin and daily beating the drums for racism, misogyny and the other usual right wing platform issues, he gave us the likes of Ron Johnson, Scott Walker and David Clarke, who in turn became sycophants to TFG. Sykes would be a lot more credible if he would just come clean on his role in bringing Trump to power and the situation we find ourselves stuck in. Until then, he needs to just go away and the media needs to stop giving him so much undeserved attention.

But I won’t hold my breath for either of those things happening anymore than I would for Trump to suddenly become an honest, law-abiding citizen.

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