'Chlamydia Is More Popular Than Trump' Among White Women

Jeff Timmer made the bold claim, calling it the big story from last night’s results in the GOP primary in Michigan where Trump prevailed 68.1 to 26.5 percent.

Source: Newsweek

Speaking to Meidas Touch Network, Jeff Timmer, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, suggested that the “big story” coming of the state’s GOP primary is that Trump didn’t get support from key demographics and that the former president will “never” get these votes.

“The big story is it’s not just that Donald Trump continues to lose either three or four out of every 10 Republican votes, it’s that those voters are never, ever, ever coming back to Donald Trump,” Timmer said.

“Chlamydia is more popular than Donald Trump among college-educated white voters, especially white women, and even non-college, white, mainstream Protestant women.

“The fact that Donald Trump will never get their votes, that’s the big story out of Michigan tonight. The way it should be covered Donald Trump’s results are much weaker than they appear to be. And Joe Biden’s results are stronger than expected.”

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