Christina Ricci, Stephanie Hsu and Molly Gordon Talk Seasonal Dressing at Kate Spade

Kate Spade took over the Chelsea Market Passage on the High Line on Friday morning to present its new spring collection. Between the summery weather and looming fall season, guests had plenty of fashion options to consider. 

“What I love about fall is kind of the same thing I love about spring, which is that you can do a hybrid of warm and cold weather clothes. I think it’s so much more fun to get to layer,” said Stephanie Hsu, who’s been making the fashion week rounds and is also doing a reading of a play while in town. For the presentation, she went sans layers in a Kate Spade pink, green and blue two-piece. 

“I love how much fun Kate Spade has,” Hsu added. “The colorfulness in the different patterns that they use doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it’s always good for a picnic.”

Guests made their way past models perched on astroturf-covered pedestals, rewarded on the other side with a lemonade and iced tea stand.

Molly Gordon was admiring the bright colors on display — “it’s going to inspire me to bring some more color into my wardrobe since I just wear a lot of black usually,” she said — and noted that she was also excited for fall weather ahead. “I love a sweater, and I love a coat,” she added. 

Gordon attended the CFDA Awards with Kate Spade in 2019, and also walked in the brand’s runway show at the Elizabeth Street Garden that same year. “It’s very interesting to be back here, and not as a model,” said Gordon. “I felt very short, but I felt very lucky to be part of it. I just love their clothes. They’re very comfortable, they’re more affordable. I just think they’re like a beautiful company.”

Christina Ricci also enthused about the accessibility of the brand. 

“I grew up here in New York. I remember as I was getting to the age where I was buying myself a handbag or a purse — or whatever you want to call it — my first really nice bag was a Kate Spade bag,” said Ricci. “If you needed something, you could just always trust that the brand was going to give you something chic and easy to wear.”

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