Clyburn Shuts Down Question About Hunter Biden In Just 12 Words

South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn told NBC host what Republicans can’t bring themselves to say. Clyburn, a father of three daughters, just came out and said it: “You don’t impeach a man for being a father to his children.”

Imagine if the police raided Donald Trump Jr.’s home and found a kilo of cocaine (I didn’t bring up COCAINE for any particular reason). Not only would the Trump family claim that it was planted, but they’d also claim that it’s a form of Presidential harassment to go after the president’s family members.

President Joe Biden is staying out of this but also supports his son. For some reason, Republicans can’t wrap their minds around that.

President Biden, according to one witness testimony, was on the phone 20 times with Hunter Biden’s business associates,” Welker said. “It was described as pleasantries, but is that appropriate?”

“Well, his associates said they were pleasantries, but I think it’s appropriate to be a father to your son,” Clyburn said. “And if your son is having a problem, and we all know the history of the problem that Hunter has with addiction, and he is being a father to his son. You don’t impeach a man for being a father to his children.”

Addiction affects everyone in some form. It’s cute that Republicans think it won’t happen to them, but addiction doesn’t see parties. The disease doesn’t give a shit what party you’re in.

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