Comer Is SHOCKED By Reporter Telling The Truth

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) clashed with a reporter who was not buying his claim that President Joe Biden was involved in an “influence peddling” scheme.

As the president’s son, Hunter, was giving a deposition behind closed doors on Wednesday, Comer spoke to reporters at the Capitol.

We have evidence that Joe Biden met with the Chinese officials,” Comer said as one reporter asked for proof that the current president helped a Chinese health care company.

“You mentioned AmeriCorps Health,” Comer observed. “Does anyone in here question whether or not that was influence peddling? Does anyone question that?”

“I question that because there was no evidence that Joe Biden did anything,” the reporter replied.

“He got $200,000 from it,” Comer argued. “Look, you can defend Joe Biden all day long. You can defend Joe Biden. You can be on his legal defense team, Kevin Morris will probably pay your legal bills if you want.”

“You’re not answering my question,” the reporter pointed out.

“Joe Biden took $200,000 directly from AmeriCorps Health,” Comer repeated.

“Then what?” the reporter wondered. “He was a private citizen at the time of the $200,000 check.”

“So do you have a problem that Joe Biden’s lied about this?” an exasperated Comer shot back. “Do you have a problem that AmeriCorps Health hooked investors?”

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“I’m asking you, what specific action did he take as a public official, an elected public official?” the reporter pressed.

“Calm down. It’s okay,” Comer interrupted. “All the angry liberals, they’ll be all right, okay?”

In recent months, Republicans have escalated their allegations of corruption against President Joe Biden, pointing to his family’s business dealings, notably those of his son. These allegations gained momentum as Republicans, holding a majority in the House, took a more aggressive stance, promising investigations to uncover any misconduct.

The crux of the accusations centers around Hunter Biden’s business activities overseas, particularly in Ukraine and China, during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. Republicans argue that these transactions might have improperly benefitted from Joe Biden’s political influence, suggesting a conflict of interest. However, concrete evidence proving these allegations remains elusive, and the Bidens have consistently denied any wrongdoing.

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