Conservative Influencer Matt Walsh: Abolish Social Security

Alrighty then. As Driftglass and I have noted on our podcast, there is no “quiet part” in Republican politics anymore. They’re just shouting about abolishing social security.

MATT WALSH (HOST): Social Security is without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, an unsustainable, unfair, morally atrocious, and economically insane system that is only defended by both parties because it is politically unpopular to be honest about it. But I’m not a politician running for office, so I can be honest about it. The system is a farce, and it should be abolished, obviously. It doesn’t mean we should abolish it overnight. It doesn’t mean we should leave elderly people high and dry with no safety net. All it means is that the current system is a disaster on every level, and we should be looking for a way out. The conversation should be, how do we get out of this boondoggle without harming people? But we can’t have that conversation because most politicians on both sides have declared that this awful, insane, unsustainable, self-destructing system must be kept entirely intact and untouched and allowed to continue exactly as it is until it all falls apart anyway. Again, that is not a position that anyone has taken because they think it’s the right position. It’s a position taken out of pure cowardice and cynicism.

And we can’t make the excuse that “Republican voters won’t hear about this on Fox News so it doesn’t matter.” Matt Walsh’s videos are all over right-wing social media. Even as full podcasts go, Walsh’s is in the top 20 of conservative “news” shows. Right wing people know this is the message. How they react to having their investment in Social Security wiped away by their news hosts and elected officials remains to be seen.

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