Copy traders stack ORDI, Meme Moguls, and IOTA amid altcoin season

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The altcoin market is recovering after a correction in January. Several projects see price increases, while IOTA, Meme Moguls, and ORDI are expected to surge over the next weeks.

Here’s why copy traders are adding each project to their portfolios. 

IOTA launches shimmer airdrop

IOTA’s staging network, Shimmer, launched a $1 million airdrop last week. This airdrop was designed to promote growth throughout the ShimmerEVM ecosystem. However, the airdrop is yet to impact IOTA’s price. Some investors believe the airdrop may have caused more harm than good.

While traders were initially excited about the airdrop, the Shimmer team had to warn the IOTA community following several potential scams and frauds. These scams have been used to exploit the airdrop campaign, and as a result, IOTA has yet to see any price changes. 

Shimmer recently posted on X, highlighting that IOTA community members should be extremely wary of scammers. As a result, the airdrop failed to make the impact it had planned. 

Nonetheless, IOTA investors remain confident. Over the last month, IOTA’s price increased by 8.9%, and IOTA has also experienced an increase in daily trading volume. With this in mind, IOTA could rally as the project rebuilds its momentum. 

ORDI surges 10% in one week 

ORDI has quickly recovered after a major correction in January. ORDI’s price increased by 8.93% over the last week, and its market cap passed $1.3 billion.

Having recently been listed on Binance, ORDI is in a strong position for additional growth in 2024. On its current trajectory, ORDI could break into the top 50 ranked cryptocurrencies by the end of Q1, with bullish experts suggesting that ORDI could become a top 20 cryptocurrency by mid-2024. 

However, ORDI is now trading at $67, where the project met fierce resistance at the end of January. As a result, ORDI could face a price correction as the crypto bears put pressure on the altcoin. 

Meme Moguls prepare for listing surge 

The spotlight is on Meme Moguls as investors prepare for the project’s listing in February. On Feb. 28, the Meme Moguls presale will end, and MGLS will be listed on Uniswap. This milestone is expected to attract new investors to the project while driving up the value of MGLS tokens. 

During its presale, Meme Moguls experienced several price increases. Its value has increased from $0.0019 to $0.0036, a 90% increase during which Meme Moguls raised $2.2 million. Investors still have the opportunity to take advantage of this presale in February, during which players will receive a 30% buy bonus.

Over the next week, Meme Moguls will launch their game preview. As part of it, investors will be able to see the game’s virtual stock market first-hand and other features such as different game modes and avatar customizability options. 

In the run-up to the presale ending, experts predict that MGLS tokens could increase from $0.0036 to $0.0042, should Meme Moguls sell out during stage 5 of its presale. After its listing, MGLS is expected to hit several all-time highs, which has put tokens in high demand. 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale: 

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