Craig Steely Architecture unites diverse geometry

California- and Hawaii-based architecture firm Craig Steely doesn’t often do remodels, but it made an exception when clients Stefanie Wenk and Markus Spiering approached with a boxy, gable-roofed building. It was once a bodega, so the designers chose to preserve a shadow of that original form during its conversion into a live-work space. Its strong geometry inspired the firm’s founder, Craig Steely, to play up these clean forms. A gable in the front flows into the exterior, extended upward. But what truly makes the home unique is the floral tower concealed within.

“It’s kind of like a house within a house,” Steely told AN Interior. After experimenting with a few different shapes, he landed on the floral tower for its compounded curves and wooden material, organic properties that offset the white walls of the modern interior. The space is structured around this tower. On the lower level, walking around it leads from the double-height living room to the kitchen, where pops of color appear via its yellow Avonite countertop. Inside the structure is the white-tiled bathroom.


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