Cringe: Tommy Tuberville Once Again Defends White Nationalists

By now, you’d think that someone in Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) office would have sat him down to explain that white nationalists are racists. This isn’t hard — unless you are Tuberville, the same man who has left the Marine Corps without a confirmed leader for the first time in 164 years.

Tuberville keeps defending white nationalists, then walks it back. By tomorrow, his office will walk this back, too. This is what happens when you vote for stupid people. He should have stuck with coaching.

“You said a white nationalist is an American,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said.

It is identity politics,” Tuberville said.

“You said a white nationalist is an American, but a white nationalist is someone who believes in horrific things,” Collin said. “You don’t, do you really think that’s someone who should be serving in the military?”

“Well, that’s just a name that has been given,” Tuberville shot back.

“It’s not,” she explained. “It’s a real definition.”

“So if you’re gonna do away with most white people in this country out of the military, we got huge problems,” the Alabama Senator said.

“It’s not people who are white,” Collins said. “It’s white nationalists. You see the distinction, right?”

But he’s not a racist, said Tuberville, who keeps defending white nationalists just after calling it a “belief.”

“Now, if racism is one of those beliefs, I’m totally against it,” Tuberville insisted. I am totally against racism. But there’s a lot of people that believe in different things.”

“But that is, that is a white nationalist is racist, Senator,” Collins said before Tuberville said that’s just “your opinion.”

“But if it’s racism, if it’s racism, I’m totally against it,” he said again. I am totally against any type of race, any type of racism.”

And of course, he had the audacity to claim to be pro-military, even though he’s the only person holding up members of the military from being promoted.

Sure thing, buddy. That was such a cringe interview.

UPDATE: Tommy Tuberville joins the ranks of Paul Gosar in being rejected by his own family.

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