Crypto analyst: Ripple making connections amid Binance turmoil

The crypto analyst behind the JWK Show YouTube channel posted a video on Nov. 22nd highlighting recent allegations against crypto exchange Binance. He speculated that this could trigger a “bank run” and collapse similar to FTX.

The host pointed to institutions capitalizing on the opportunity, highlighting a recent tweet from Grayscale touting its Grayscale Ethereum Trust as the world’s largest Ethereum (ETH) investment vehicle:

We have Grayscale coming in, Wall Street never loses.

In addition, JWK also found links between Binance and Ripple, the firm behind the XRP token. He noted that the new Binance CEO Richard Tang previously shared a stage with Ripple’s European chief.

Interesting connections being made with Ripple and Binance. Obviously all these people are puppets at the end of the day and this was all pre-planned as well Richard is a highly qualified leader and with over three decades of financial services and regulatory experience.

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