Dacia Sandero to be reborn as affordable EV hatch for 2027

However, an ICE Mk4 Sandero also remains possible, given that such cars can be sold until 2035 in the EU (2030 in the UK), but no doubt this will come with the hybrid tech recently introduced in the Jogger.

Design boss David Durand gave clues about how the next Sandero will fit into the brand’s new-look line-up and be substantially differentiated from the current car, but he suggested it will remain recognisable as a hatchback because Dacia is not targeting an all-SUV range.

He said: “It’s more that you have a car that you can use in any condition; you’re not afraid to damage if you’re on a bad road; you have enough ground clearance to avoid having to say ‘I’m going to crush the bottom of my car – I can’t go there’ or ‘the branches are going to scratch the doors – I’m not going there’.”

Based on this outlook, it stands to reason that the next Sandero will sit higher off the ground than the current car and be designed to more overtly showcase Dacia’s new active ethos.

Sales and marketing boss Xavier Martinet suggested Dacia will build on this utilitarian, outdoors-focused positioning with future models: “What’s the customer promise you’re getting with your car? The 4×4 ability of the Duster, or I would even say the Sandero Stepway, which adds a higher ground clearance and the capability to go outside of normal roads. It’s something that customers value a lot.”

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