Daily Wire Host Attacks Gay Marriage At CPAC

As the Biden-Harris campaign reminded us, The Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles was just echoing MAGA’s Project 2025 plan to go after marriage equality during a second Trump term. Knowles, who wants taxpayers to foot Trump’s legal bills, has been spewing this sort of hateful bile for years now, and it was more of the same, targeting trans people & LGBTQ families at this year’s CPAC:

Right-wing commentator Michael Knowles began his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday by briefly addressing the “kerfuffle” over his proclamation during last year’s event that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely.” […]

Looking back at the incident, Knowles told the crowd “I stand by the observation that men can’t become women.” The controversy, he said, is evidence that the country “is having an identity crisis” — primarily as a consequence of the “decline of religion in America.” […]

He pointed to same-sex marriage as an example, arguing that marriage does not and cannot include unions between “a couple of men, or a couple of women, or three men and a billy goat, for that matter.”

Additionally, Knowles said, one may not claim the “right” to have a child, because “children are people and no one has a right to another person.” He then veered into criticizing the practice of purchasing “designer babies” on the “open market of the surrogacy industry.”

They just came after IVF, and they’ll be coming for birth control as well.

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