Damson Idris Attends the NAACP Awards in Tommy Hilfiger

Over the weekend, British actor Damson Idris was in Los Angeles at the NAACP Awards, where he picked up the award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for his role of Franklin Saint in “Snowfall.” For the big night, Idris, who is an ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger, was dressed by the brand in a single-breasted tuxedo jacket with trousers, poplin dress shirt, silk bow tie and leather loafers from the fall 2023 collection.

Below, Idris shares his feelings on the big weekend and what’s to come.

What does this award mean to you?

“To be nominated amongst so many fine actors is a blessing. To actually win is a dream come true.”

What is one of your favorite memories from ‘Snowfall’?

“London is notoriously rainy, [so] coming to Los Angeles and seeing so much sun, and then you pair that with a cast, crew and the likes of John Singleton (RIP) who are absolutely the funniest and most playful human beings, who also know when to focus and make captivating art, made me feel at home. Soul food and Popeyes floated about on set. The energy was so high and so vibrant. The smiles were wide, and this British kid was absolutely accepted and welcomed by everyone. Those memories and that feeling will last with me forever. I am truly honored to have worked on ‘Snowfall’ for six seasons.” 

How does wearing Tommy Hilfiger make you feel? 

“Wearing Tommy Hilfiger makes me feel like me. It’s comfortability, it’s classic and modern. Each time I step out in some Tommy it feels like a statement.”

What is your routine when getting ready for an awards show?

“First I try my best to fly my mum to the award show location so that she can attend. Getting time to spend and celebrate with my family is important. You are overcome with joy when you see her (mum) as she tells you, ‘you deserve this.’ In the run-up to the award show, you stay hydrated and maintain a calm and chilled vibe. You get into a fly tuxedo and spend too much time looking in the mirror to get your bowtie just perfect. You’re nervous but once you arrive, you see your friends. Congratulations and love fill the building and suddenly all of your nerves go away, because win or lose, you feel seen.”

Has shooting the new F1 movie inspired your style at all/in what way?

“This new film has forced me to embrace the colorful side of my wardrobe. For a long time I wore a lot of black but today I’m inspired by many variations. It is my opinion that what you wear strongly dictates how you feel. It is very difficult to be moody when you are dressed in color.”

Whose style inspires you right now? 

“Right now I’m honestly just doing my own thing. I walk in my closet and I just freestyle off feeling and what I need to do that day. Fingers crossed I’m doing a good job.”

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