Decoding Velas: insights into 2024 price predictions and long-term growth

Dive deep into Velas’ role in the crypto sphere with our comprehensive analysis of Velas price predictions for 2024 and its long-term growth potential.

In the crypto market dominated by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Velas (VLX) is gaining traction among investors and enthusiasts looking to diversify their portfolios.

We looked into Velas price predictions for 2024 and what they suggest for this digital asset’s future. We also examined the long-term price prediction for the Velas coin.

Is Velas a good investment? Will the Velas price rise or fall? And for those considering Velas for their portfolio: Is it a wise choice? Let’s explore these questions, analyzing the potential investment outlook for the coin.

What is Velas (VLX)?

Combining the flexibility of Ethereum and transaction speeds reminiscent of Solana (SOL), Velas is a blockchain platform designed to be the bedrock for smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps). 

Domiciled in Switzerland, this blockchain enterprise has crafted an ecosystem operated by artificial intuition-delegated proof of stake (AIDPoS).

It has set itself apart by allowing for interoperability and scalability, with secured transactions reportedly reaching up to 75,000 per second. According to the platform’s developers, it also has confirmation times capped at 1.2 seconds.

The network’s introduction of an EVM-compatible mainnet in 2020 signified a major leap in facilitating seamless transitions for Ethereum-based dapps and decentralized finance (defi) protocols into its domain.

Velas has seemingly positioned itself as a decentralized utopia for developers, eliminating the burden of back-end fees and allowing them to innovate without financial impediments.

Its native token, VLX, stands at the heart of the platform’s economy, serving a trifold purpose: staking for block validation with a flexible delegation mechanism, fueling the ecosystem’s services, like BitOrbit, and acting as a tradable asset within exchanges such as HitBTC.

Overview of the Velas ecosystem

Alex Alexandrov and co-founder Farkhad Shagulyamov conceived the Velas blockchain ecosystem in 2019, hoping it would stand at the forefront of technological innovations tailored for everyday use.

The vital underpinnings of the Velas blockchain include a consensus mechanism known as proof of history (PoH) that streamlines blockchain chronology.

It also features an optimized algorithm to bolster blockchain efficiency known as Tower BFT, as well as a suite of technologies including Turbine, Gulf Stream, Sealevel, Pipelining, Cloudbreak, and Archivers, which are focused on enhancing transaction speed, smart contract operations, database management, and decentralized storage solutions.

The Velas network hosts hundreds of applications and projects, including WagyuSwap, a decentralized exchange that reportedly offers users remarkably low transaction fees.

Meanwhile, another project, BitOrbit, is trying to push the envelope in social media, empowering privacy-conscious creators to monetize content sans intermediaries and engage users on a secure, direct-supporting platform.

Furthermore, the Velas ecosystem’s compatibility with Ethereum means a seamless functionality transfer between the two, encompassing defi services, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and gaming.

It is essentially an invitation to Ethereum-based applications to capitalize on the burgeoning smart contract environment on Velas and reap the benefits of relatively lower transaction costs compared to other EVM-compatible blockchains and a staking feature that allows holders to earn interest from their VLX tokens.

Velas has captured numerous other projects—from AstroSwap’s trading innovations on the Cardano (ADA) chain to Autofarm’s yield aggregation—and a slew of NFT collections, such as Velas Punks and Velas Dogs.

Additionally, the network not only fosters tech developments but also grants programs and financial sustenance, striking partnerships and evoking interest in a broad spectrum of crypto enthusiasts.

Velas price prediction: short-term outlook

So, how do the developments in the Velas ecosystem affect the VLX price predictions? At the time of writing, Velas boasted a market capitalization of approximately $51 million and was ranked #535 on CoinMarketCap.

VLX 30-day price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

Per data from the crypto price tracker, VLX has performed dismally over the last 30 and 14-day periods, shedding more than 22% of its value in the month and 17% over the fortnight. However, the last seven days have been much rosier, with VLX recouping at least 6% of its lost value.

Now, let’s take a journey into the future of VLX price predictions for 2024. Fueled by deep-learning algorithms and technical analysis, insights from CoinCodex suggest a possible rise to $0.021257 by Feb. 18, with the overarching sentiment being neutral.

On its part,’s short-term VLX projections, specifically in 2024, suggest a moderately positive trend, with the token potentially reaching a minimum price of $0.0286 and possibly surging to a maximum of $0.0328, settling around an average price of $0.0296 during the year. 

It suggests a year of stabilization and incremental gains, indicating cautious interest from the investor community.

Velas coin price prediction: long-term possibilities

Looking further into the future toward the Velas price prediction for 2025, the coin is expected to gain stronger momentum, with PricePrediction estimating a minimum potential value of $0.0406. 

According to the website, VLX’s growth expectations may push prices up to $0.0493, with an average forecast price of $0.0418.

Price forecasts stretching into the next decade predict a steady ascent, with again projecting a notable rise with a minimum, average, and maximum Velas price prediction for 2030 of $0.2585, $0.2677, and $0.3071, respectively.

The bullish sentiment is expected to carry forward, with the Velas price forecasts for 2026 predicting lower and upper price bands of $0.0584 and $0.0702, respectively, with an average price hovering around $0.0601. Continued adoption and technological developments could be key drivers of this trend.

By 2027, predictions start to reflect more robust confidence in VLX, signaling a minimum worth of $0.0849, a maximum reach of $0.1022, and average trading values consolidating around $0.0873. 

Moving into 2028 and beyond, PricePrediction’s deep technical analysis anticipates further growth, with its Velas crypto price predictions for 2028 indicating a substantial rise to a minimum of $0.1212 and a possible peak at $0.1456, averaging at $0.1256. 

The positive trend continues through 2029, forecasting a potential minimum of $0.1780 and a maximum of $0.2139, with average prices likely to be around $0.1843.

Coming to the long-term Velas price forecast for 2030, the culmination of the decade could witness VLX at a minimum level of $0.2585, potentially reaching up to $0.3071, with the mean price settling at $0.2677. It suggests a decade of solid growth, with Velas potentially carving out a significant position within the crypto landscape.

In conclusion

As VLX finds its place in the unpredictable crypto world, potential investors must conduct thorough research and analysis. While we provide hopeful insights, it’s important to approach them skeptically, acknowledging the inherent risks of digital asset investment.

Therefore, investors should exercise caution, gathering information from various sources and seeking advice from financial experts when necessary.

Disclosure: This article does not represent investment advice. The content and materials featured on this page are for educational purposes only.


Is Velas a good investment?

Technical analysis of Velas price anticipates further growth. Yet, the potential of any cryptocurrency, including Velas, depends on various factors like market trends, technology, and community support. As with any investment, it’s important to research and consider your risk tolerance before investing thoroughly.

Will Velas go up or down?

Short-term VLX projections for 2024 suggest a moderately positive trend. The long-term forecast for 2030 suggests a decade of solid growth. However, the price of Velas, like all cryptocurrencies, is subject to volatility and can fluctuate widely due to market conditions. Monitoring market analysis and news that could influence its price movements is advisable.

Should I invest in Velas?

Velas is gaining traction among investors and enthusiasts looking to diversify their portfolios. However, deciding to invest in Velas should be based on personal financial goals and due diligence. Consider consulting with a financial advisor to understand if it aligns with your investment strategy and risk profile.

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