Del Core RTW Spring 2024

Guests at Daniel Del Core’s spring show may have traveled a few extra miles to see the show, which took place near Milan’s old fairgrounds, but they were certainly in for a treat. The collection unfurled on the top floor of a former newspaper headquarters overlooking the city’s rooftops, cupolas and penthouse gardens.

Del Core dressed his models in a mix of hard and soft materials. Stiff, sharp-edged bustiers fit for a Space Age heroine anchored liquid gowns and dresses, while coats and dresses were covered with layers of shiny fringe like shards of glass.

As prosecco corks popped backstage following the show, the designer said the collection came from the place “where nature meets architecture. This collection was a dialogue between the two.”

Some of those stiff bustiers were made from wood, while a gray one worn over a matching silk dress was meant to look like cement. Del Core said the material inspiration came from his store on London’s New Bond Street.

Looks ranged from those armor-like corsets and delicately flowing dresses to boxy tailored suits and coats with magnified hibiscus flower prints.

A silvery gown with Old Hollywood glamour and details resembling butterfly wings on corsets and belts added a fairy princess vibe to this collection which should look great on the red carpet, when those days return.

It was statement dressing, and in keeping with Del Core’s background as Gucci’s VIP dresser under former creative director Alessandro Michele.

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