Delaware’s Largest Cities: A Homebuyer’s Guide for 2024

Delaware, known as the “First State,” is a charming and historic place to call home. With its picturesque landscapes and rich colonial heritage, Delaware offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. The state is home to vibrant cities like Wilmington, known for its cultural attractions and bustling riverfront, and Dover, the capital city with a rich history and a thriving arts scene. If you’re considering a move to the state or want to learn more, this Redfin article will guide you through the biggest cities in Delaware to explore.

Wilmington, DE sunrise

1. Wilmington, Delaware

Population: 70,898
Median Sale Price: $240,000
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Surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the Brandywine Valley, Wilmington offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. The city’s revitalized riverfront district is a hub of cultural attractions, including the Delaware Art Museum and the Delaware Children’s Museum. Wilmington’s diverse neighborhoods, such as Trolley Square and Cool Spring, provide a vibrant community with unique dining and entertainment options.

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2. Dover, Delaware

Population: 39,403
Median Sale Price: $275,000
Dover, DE homes for sale
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Dover provides a unique living experience characterized by its small-town ambiance and historical richness as the state’s capital. Residents benefit from the city’s proximity to cultural landmarks such as the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, showcasing the region’s agricultural history, and the Johnson Victrola Museum, dedicated to the founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company.

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3. Newark, Delaware

Population: 30,601
Median Sale Price: $245,000
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Home to the University of Delaware, Newark offers a dynamic and youthful atmosphere with a strong emphasis on education and innovation. The city hosts events like the Newark Food and Brew Festival and offers outdoor recreation at White Clay Creek State Park, creating a dynamic and engaging environment for its residents.

4. Middletown, Delaware

Population: 23,192
Median Sale Price: $430,000
Middletown, DE homes for sale
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Residing in Middletown provides a suburban lifestyle. The town features a blend of modern amenities, such as the Christiana Fashion Center for shopping enthusiasts and historical charm. Middletown’s strategic location allows residents to easily access nearby recreational spots like Lums Pond State Park or partake in local events like the Olde Tyme Peach Festival, contributing to a well-rounded and welcoming living experience.

5. Bear, Delaware

Population: 23,060
Median Sale Price: $395,000
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Residents benefit from proximity to shopping centers like the Governor’s Square Shopping Center and enjoy outdoor activities at Glasgow Park, featuring playgrounds, trails, and sports facilities. The town’s accessibility to major roadways, such as Route 1, enhances the ease of commuting and provides convenient access to neighboring cities like Wilmington, contributing to a balanced and connected lifestyle in Bear.

6. Glasgow, Delaware

Population: 15,288
Median Sale Price: $489,945
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Glasgow provides a residential setting with suburban tranquility and local conveniences. Residents appreciate the community-oriented atmosphere, often participating in events at Glasgow Park, which hosts festivals and outdoor concerts. The town’s proximity to local schools and the Glasgow Medical Center adds to its appeal.

7. Brookside, Delaware

Population: 14,974
Median Sale Price: $307,500
Brookside, DE homes for sale
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Living in Brookside, Delaware, offers a close-knit suburban community with various amenities. Residents enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, with access to parks like Carousel Park and the nearby Glasgow Park, providing recreational spaces and organized events.

8. Hockessin, Delaware

Population: 13,478
Median Sale Price: $505,000
Hockessin, DE homes for sale
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With a blend of rural and modern amenities, residents of Hockessin appreciate the scenic landscapes, including the beautiful Hockessin Valley. The town’s historic charm is evident in landmarks such as the Hockessin Friends Meetinghouse, while local businesses like the Woodside Farm Creamery and the Old Lancaster Pike Country Store contribute to the city’s atmosphere.

9. Smyrna, Delaware

Population: 12,883
Median Sale Price: $325,000
Smyrna, DE homes for sale
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Smyrna offers residents a living experience that harmonizes community warmth and recreational opportunities. Smyrna’s community spirit shines through in its lively events, such as the Smyrna-Clayton July 4th Foundation Fireworks and the Smyrna at Night festival, creating a sense of togetherness.

10. Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

Population: 11,692
Median Sale Price: $315,000
Pike Creek Valley, DE homes for sale
Pike Creek Valley, DE houses for rent

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Delaware, Pike Creek Valley is a suburban haven with natural beauty and modern comforts. The community enjoys the lush surroundings, with places like Middle Run Valley Natural Area providing outdoor activities and exploration opportunities.


Methodology: The population data was retrieved from the United States Census Bureau for 2021, while the median sale price data was sourced from the Redfin Data Center in January 2024.

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